4 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted

Wisdom tooth extractions are so common that many people believe wisdom teeth always need to be removed. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Most people just don’t have enough jaw space to accommodate wisdom teeth.

As long as your teeth erupt completely through the gums, are in line with the rest of your teeth, and aren’t causing any problems, you do not need to have them removed. In this blog from Alliance Family Dentistry, we’re going through the most common reasons for wisdom teeth extractions.

Severe Tooth or Jaw Pain

If you have severe pain or throbbing in your teeth or jaw, where your wisdom teeth are erupting, you should have them removed. This is a sign that your wisdom teeth are erupting at a wrong angle or are placing pressure against your other teeth, which can cause damage and orthodontic problems.

Signs of Infection

Wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean because they’re hard to reach, especially when they’re impacted or erupt at an awkward angle. This can result in food particles and bacteria being left behind which can increase your risk for tooth decay and tooth infections. 

If you notice swelling and inflammation around your wisdom teeth accompanied by pain, sensitivity, a cyst, or a sore throat, this is a clear sign that your wisdom teeth are infected. You should have them removed immediately, as they are likely to repeatedly get infected.

Your Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted

Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth that have not fully erupted through the gums. An impacted tooth cannot erupt all the way through the gums when there isn’t enough jaw space to accommodate this extra set of teeth. This can lead to damage to the surrounding teeth, pain, an increased risk for infection, and changes to your bite.

Sinus Issues

Problems with your wisdom teeth can cause problems with your sinuses because the upper wisdom teeth are located very close to your sinuses. If you are experiencing symptoms such as congestion, pain, or pressure in the sinuses along with impacted wisdom teeth, your wisdom teeth are likely the culprit and you should have them removed to prevent continual problems.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions At Alliance Family Dentistry

If your wisdom teeth are erupting, even if they aren’t currently causing problems, come in for a consultation. We can look at the position of your wisdom teeth in the jaw through x-rays and this can tell us if your wisdom teeth will cause problems in the future.

Wisdom teeth that have fully erupted can be removed with a basic extraction while impacted wisdom teeth will require surgical extraction. Contact Alliance Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation with a Colorado Springs dentist today.