Is Wisdom Tooth Removal an Emergency?

Some lucky people get their wisdom teeth and experience no troubles with them at all. Unfortunately, many will end up looking for wisdom tooth removal in Colorado Springs.

Wisdom teeth are more likely to develop cavities, and some can even affect your overall oral health. And yes, in some cases, wisdom tooth extraction may also be an emergency.

Keep reading this short article to learn when you might need an emergency wisdom tooth extraction.

3 Cases When a Wisdom Tooth Needs Immediate Extraction

If you notice any of these signs, you may need to reach out to an emergency dentist as soon as possible:

  1. Severe pain and swelling

Most people cannot properly clean their wisdom teeth. Their position at the back of the mouth makes it difficult to brush, even if you have an electric toothbrush or another tool to facilitate oral care.

Because of this, wisdom teeth are more likely to decay and even become infected. You may notice a sharp pain, or swelling, or experience heightened sensitivity to heat and cold. These are usually signs of an infection.

While a regular tooth infection may be treated with a root canal, the procedure is much more difficult to perform at the back of the mouth, so the wisdom tooth needs an emergency extraction instead.

  1. Stiff jaw

When the wisdom tooth emerges, it can put pressure on the jaw, leading to soreness. In some cases, patients can also experience a stiff jaw, and find it almost impossible to open their mouth, chew their food, or even talk.

Though it usually doesn’t last long, if jaw stiffness persists for a few days, then the wisdom tooth may need an emergency extraction, especially if your jaw pain worsens. 

  1. Impacted wisdom tooth

Sometimes, the wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room on the arch to erupt in a straight position. Still, it will try to make room for itself by pushing your other teeth closer together.

Only in some cases, they can’t do that either. The tooth may erupt at an improper angle and become trapped just underneath the gum line. This can lead to inflammation and pain, which is why impact wisdom teeth are almost always immediately extracted.

How Do I Know If I Have a Dental Emergency?

If you don’t know if your wisdom tooth needs an emergency extraction or not, it’s best to reach out to an emergency dentist and describe your symptoms. A dentist can help you decide if you can wait for a regular appointment, and even provide you with lots of useful tips to ease some of your discomfort.

Are you in this situation right now? Then call our team at (719) 955-4023 right away for an emergency appointment.

For a regular appointment, schedule your visit to Alliance Family Dentistry online, and stop by to get your wisdom tooth extracted.